Regarding security, we are determined

Operational concept

Meet customer needs and exceed customer expectations

  • Starting from customer needs

    Carry out research and development, design, production, and provide product solutions to meet customer needs.

  • adhere to scientific engineering methods

    Deep use of computer simulation technology, automotive V-model and other scientific engineering methods to build a "digital battery".

  • grasp core technology lifeline

    focus on multi-disciplinary research, adhere to independent development, and constantly innovate the core technology of the whole chain, leading the development of the industry.

  • unremitting efforts

    adhering to the spirit of striving and continuing to strive for the sustainable development of new energy business.

corporate culture

​Everyone is eager to become a striving person.

social responsibility

  • To society

    The establishment of mutual funds to participate in charitable donations,
    social welfare activities.

  • Environment

    Implementation of clean manufacturing, establishment of ISO14001 system and recycling of resources。

  • Industry

    Drive the localization of the industry, the equipment localization rate has reached 86%, raw materials localization rate: 88%, has led to the lithium battery industry several enterprises listed.

  • To the government

    Pay taxes according to law, operate legally, and help maintain
    the fairness and impartiality of society.