Promotion of photovoltaic lithium composite powertechnology , used to solve battery pollution, a world-class problem

nnovation/r&d design scheme
Use your imagination to explore scientific mechanisms

Our solution is combiningphotovoltaic panels and ultra-thin lithium batteries to directly replace drybatteries, so that electronic equipment becomes lighter and thinner. Besides, achievinga 10-year life, the cost can be controlled to less than 1 euro per unit.

innovate/materials battery design

It means that, usingphotovoltaic lithium-electric composite power supply technology you will notneed to charge the remote controller or replace the battery in 10 years,because this power supply has the function of automatic generation and storageof electricity.

At the moment the lithiumbattery industry has many weak points, they have low capacity and they are unsafe.

Our solution is

use gel solid material system to achieve a lighter weight

To make thin and light

High power capacity

High safety

Innovation/process testing methods

Prospective customers and market demands, design and test products, test capabilities covering performance, reliability, electrical, software, mechanical environment safe, multi-dimensional projects; At the same time, continuously optimize the existing test methods and develop new test methods according to the requirements.